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The mission of American Friends of HelpAge India (AFHI) is to harness the power and goodwill of the Indian diaspora and well wishers of India in support of HelpAge India - India’s leading non-profit organization, working for the cause and care of the disadvantaged elderly for more than 40 years. AFHI seeks to build awareness about eldercare issues and raises funds in the United States in support of HelpAge India’s programs.

HelpAge India operates in 26 states, across 175 districts, and serves over 1900 villages, thus reaching the most vulnerable and needy elderly in some of the most remote parts of India.

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Our Impact

HelpAge India became the first Indian NGO to receive the ‘2020 UN Population Award’ in recognition of it’s outstanding contribution to the social sector globally. Read More

Our Impact

HelpAge India became the first Indian NGO to receive the ‘2020 UN Population Award’ in recognition of it’s outstanding contribution to the social sector globally. Read More

No Excuse For Elder Abuse

From a young age we have been taught the importance of treating others, especially the elderly with courtesy and respect, HelpAge firmly believes that there is NO EXCUSE for disrespecting and abusing elders.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Elder abuse is a worldwide social issue that deserves the attention of the international community. HelpAge organizes activities across India on June 15 each year to raise its voice against elder abuse.

HelpAge Mobile Healthcare Units

HelpAge’s Mobile Healthcare program provides sustainable healthcare solutions and medicines to poverty stricken elders by reaching them directly - wherever they are.

Livelihood for Elders

HelpAge tackles the economic barriers faced by older people and focuses on improving social and income security for them especially through community self-help groups.

Bringing Joy

Impacting lives, changing the world

Prabhadevi Kedekar

Is 76 years old but when she smiles it's the smile of a 16 year old. Her endearing smile hides a life of pain. Today Prabhadevi lives life on her own terms. “I'm alone, I've been coming here to get ration for the past 15 years. Through this ration I've got respect from my family & community” – says a smiling Prabhadevi.

HelpAge India’s Support a Gran initiative.

Ageing entails various natural changes which influence the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) - for example, decrease in visual perception, hearing and versatility which diminishes a person's capacities to continue living free and without support . At the same time, there is a rapidly diminishing support structure for the elderly who are often seen as a ‘burden’ within certain families. With ascend in the old age dependency from 10.9% in 1961 to 14.2% in 2011; the elderly increasingly require greater support and care in their day to day activities.

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Surekha Kamlaker Raje, 72 years

Was born in Karachi and came to India in 1947. After her husband passed away, she was mistreated by her kids and their partners. Even her landlord filed a case against her, where she had been living since last 43 years. Currently stays at one of our old age homes and relies on the mobile healthcare unit for medicines. With further help from physiotherapy provided by HelpAge, she feels healthy and lives with dignity.

Finds a place to call her home

Indubai, is a 67 year old widow who lives with her son in Kombhane(Ahmednagar, Maharashtra). She has been suffering from bronchitis and asthma for the last 10 years and was diagnosed with bilateral cataracts which resulted in poor vision in both eyes. Due to severe financial constraints she was unable to receive adequate medical attention. Six years ago, she heard about HelpAge India's Mobile Healthcare Unit (MHU) and has been coming for regular medical treatment for her various ailments ever since. Under HelpAge’s Restoration of Vision program, she recently had cataract surgery free of cost and can now see clearly again. Today, Indubai's general well-being has greatly improved and she is extremely happy to get her sight back. Thousands of destitute seniors like Indubai have benefited from HelpAge MHU group’s steadfast endeavors in restoring quality of life for those who need it the most.

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Family Survival Kits

Residents of Navtolia Village Bihar receive family survival kits for families in their village. Due to heavy rainfall, their houses are completely emerged in water. Leaving them with no home & no supplies to survive on.

Distribution by HelpAge India

According to a study by the UN, 62.1% of elderly in India do not get Long Term and Palliative Care and as a result, managing home care for the elderly amounts to a massive challenge as multiple service providers such as nursing agencies, physiotherapists and medical suppliers tend to be small scale or in the unorganized sector which in turn results in incomplete or ineffective care. For this reason, HelpAge India’s work becomes all the more significant for the well-being of the elderly.

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Vaccination Drive

Helping elders in Rural India combat vaccines Hesitance by spreading awareness. Basantpur, Bihar

An initiative by HelpAge India