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Globally, the number of cases of elder abuse is projected to increase, as many countries have rapidly ageing populations whose needs may not be fully met due to resource constraints.


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Very nearly 700 million individuals are presently beyond 60 years old. By 2050, 2 billion individuals, more than 20 percent of the total populace, will be 60 or more seasoned. With this in mind, enhanced attention to the particular needs and challenges faced by many older people is clearly required.

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American Friends of HelpAge India, was established on Jan.30, 2019, with the aim to provide India’s disadvantaged elders a life free from poverty and suffering, so they can live healthy, active and dignified lives, a basic human right.

Headquartered in Delaware, United States, it serves as an American friend of HelpAge India, the nodal non-profit in India serving the disadvantaged elderly, by raising funds and awareness in the United States, to support HelpAge programs and on-ground initiatives for needy elders.

As per the State of World Population 2019 report by UNFPA, the share of India’s older population, those 60 years or above, is projected to increase to nearly 20 per cent in 2050. As per the Global Agewatch Index of HelpAge International by 2050, older people will make up more than one-fifth of the global population.

While India with a population of 106 million elders is the second largest country with an ageing population, it also sadly ranks 73 in the Global Index for elder care. Through AFHI we hope to raise funds for eldercare and provide much needed aid and service to our needy elders living deep in the interiors of India’s, villages, small towns and across cities.

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No Excuse For Elder Abuse

We have been taught the importance of treating others with courtesy and respect. HelpAge firmly believes that there is No Excuse for disrespectingand abusing elders.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Elder abuse is a worldwide social issue that deserves the attention of the international community. HelpAge organized activities all across India to raise their voice against elder abuse.

HelpAge Takes Care

HelpAge’s Mobile Healthcare program seeks to provide sustainable healthcare solutions and medicines to poverty-stricken elders and their community all across the country.

Livelihood for Elders

HelpAge explore the opportunities and barriers faced by older people and also focuses on improving social and income security for older people.

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Impacting lives, changing world

Ageing includes various natural changes which influence the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) for example decrease in visual perception, hearing and versatility diminishing a person's capacities to continue free living for which they need others' help. There is a rapidly diminishing support structure for the elderly. With ascend in the old age dependency from 10.9% in 1961 to 14.2% in 2011; the elderly increasingly require support and care in their day to day activities.

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Indu bai a 67 years widow who lives with her son in Kombhane, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. She was suffering from bronchitis and asthma since the last 10 years and was diagnosed with bilateral cataract which resulted in poor vision. Due to her poor financial condition she could not get proper medical attention on time. Six years ago, she came to know about HelpAge India's Mobile Healthcare Unit (MHU) and has been regularly coming for treatment. She recently had her cataract surgery under HelpAge’s Restoration of Vision program, which was performed free of cost and can now see clearly again. Today, Indubai's general wellbeing has essentially improved and she extremely happy to get her sight back. Indubai, is very grateful to the HelpAge MHU group, for their steady endeavors in helping destitute seniors like her.

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According to a study by the UN, 62.1% of elderly in India do not get Long Term and Palliative Care and managing home care for the elderly is a massive challenge as multiple service providers such as nursing agencies, physiotherapists and medical suppliers are small scale and unorganized, therefore, provide incomplete care. This is the reason why our contribution matters for the wellbeing of the elderly.

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