Who we are

American Friends of HelpAge India (AFHI), was established as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in 2019 to help India’s disadvantaged and vulnerable elderly population lead healthy, active and dignified lives, free from poverty, suffering and abuse.

Our elders in India however are often forgotten, excluded and even marginalized and abused. AFHI exists to address this specific concern – we are committed to the needs of the disadvantaged elderly of India.

AFHI raises funds and awareness in the United States in support of HelpAge India, India’s most long standing and reputed non-profit organization serving the disadvantaged elderly. AFHI harnesses the power of the Indian American diaspora and well-wishers of India to support HelpAge India’s programs and on-ground initiatives geared towards at-risk elders.

What We Do

Initiatives to Empower Elders – HelpAge India is the only pan-India non profit organization which is geared to the challenges facing the elderly disadvantaged populace. Through innovative programs and interventions, HelpAge has pioneered a 360 degree intervention model addressing different elements of elder needs – in healthcare, agecare, livelihoods and more – all geared to ensuring that disadvantaged elders can live with dignity.

Build Scalable Models – HelpAge India’s low-cost interventions in healthcare, livelihoods etc have proved to be extremely impactful in improving the quality of life of elders in need – what started as small test pilots have today been brought to scale, and are reaching thousands of elders each day.

Advocate for the voiceless – HelpAge India advocates for elder friendly policies, legislations, rules and regulations such that disadvantaged elders can exercise their rights, and avail appropriate government services due to them . We work with other partner organizations, civil society etc to foster an age friendly environment in India.

Proof of Concept – HelpAge India runs various interventions across India that address different needs – this comes with 44 years of experience and sufficient proof of concept on the ground in terms of reach and impact.

Where We Work

With operations and project sites in 26 of India’s 29 states, HelpAge India reaches millions of disadvantaged elders each year.