You can help disadvantaged seniors live active,
healthy and dignified lives

Why Donate ?

There are 138 million elders in India – 90% are outside of the formal organized sector with little access to a social safety net. Your support can help transform an elder’s life – enabling them to live with dignity.


Every $100 can:

  • Help provide nutritious food to 4 elders in need for an entire month

Every $300 can:

  • Cover primary healthcare access for 1 elder for 4 months
Shelter for the Homeless

Every $750 can:

  • Provide shelter to an older person for an entire year

Other Ways to Give

Frequently Asked Questions

  I have a question about my donation. Who can I contact?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your donation, please contact us at

  What modes of payment do you offer online?

Through our website, you can donate using a Credit or Debit Card which is processed through STRIPE.

  Are donations made to American Friends of HelpAge India tax-deductible?

Yes. American Friends of HelpAge India is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so all donations made in the United States (regardless of amount) are tax-deductible. Our tax ID number (EIN) is 83-3780707.

  What about my donation receipt?

Yes. You will receive an automatic receipt immediately following your online donation. If for some reason you have not received it (please also check your spam folder), then please contact us at

  Is my online donation secure?

Yes. We process online donations via Stripe, which is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry, so you can be assured that online donations to AFHI are extremely safe.

  Do you accept donations from Donor-Advised Funds (DAF)?

Yes, we are registered on all major Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs)( Fidelity, Vanguard, Charles Schwab etc). Search for us at ’American Friends of HelpAge India’ or using our tax ID number (EIN) 83-3780707. Your DAF can also directly contact us at

  How and where can I send a check? Can I make a gift with stocks or wire my donation?

You can send your donation via check to: American Friends of HelpAge India, 2550 M Street, NW, Washington DC 20037. If you would like to make a bank/wire transfer, please email us at – we will share our information to enable the transaction.

  I am located in India or a non-US location. Can I still make a donation to support the cause of elders in India?

We really appreciate your interest in our work as well as your commitment to the cause of elders in India. For donations in India, please log on to Please email us at for help in processing non-US and non-India donations.

  Does American Friends of HelpAge India accept donations via cryptocurrency?

We understand that cryptocurrency is becoming a popular means of donation for many. Please email us at – we would love to work with you on your specific request.

  I signed up to be a recurring donor. Can I suspend or cancel it or change the amount?

Yes. You can change or suspend your recurring donation at any time, by sending an email to

  How can my employer match my donation?

These days, many employers match their employees’ charitable donations. Many employers use donor portals like Benevity, YourCause, Bright Funds, Givinga etc for employee matching (you’ll need to make donations using the specific portal your company uses). American Friends of HelpAge India is a US-based 501(c)(3) organization, whose tax ID number (EIN) is number (EIN) 83-3780707. You can also write to us at

​Do you have more questions? Reach out to to connect with a member of our team.​​

Initiatives that enable healthy, active and dignified lives for India’s disadvantaged elders

Healthcare Access

1 in 4 elders in India currently do not have access to or cannot afford healthcare services.

  • To ensure health equity and access for all, HelpAge India runs a fleet of 167+ Mobile Health Units that provide free primary care services
  • HelpAge also runs a vision restoration program wherein cataract surgeries are facilitated for elders who need this medical intervention.
  • Other health-based interventions include specialized health camps, provision of assistive mobility devices, physiotherapy treatments, helpdesks at major hospitals etc.

Sustainable Livelihoods Support

53 million elders in India live in poverty. In rural India, HelpAge has created 8000+ Elder Self Help Groups empowering over 100,000 elders by enabling access to sustainable modes of income generation.

  • HelpAge India provides seed funding, access to the market, access to credit etc to help these elder collectives become economically viable.
  • 70% of the ESHGs are currently running independently
  • Rate of return on loans is 99.99% – showing that elders are bankable and should have the ability to access credit just as everyone else, and on the basis of the same standards.

Agecare Services

HelpAge India currently runs Old Age Homes for homeless and destitute seniors – these are in Gurdaspur and Patiala (Punjab), Kolkata and Kedarghati (West Bengal), (Leh/Ladakh) and in Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu).

  • HelpAge also directly supports 300 other senior care centers across India as well as hundreds of Senior Citizen Associations.

Other elements of the agecare initiative include:

  • Geriatric Caregiver Skills Training for young unemployed people
  • Geriatric Volunteer Caregiver Skills Training for community based care