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The ‘second wave’ of the Covid-19 pandemic was devastating in India in 2021 with an estimated 31 million cases and about 412,000 deaths. The onslaught of this virulent pandemic has been most felt by society’s most vulnerable – the elderly – millions of whom have lost their livelihoods, often living alone with no support structure or social safety net.

As the vaccination rollout moves forward, the danger of more dangerous strains of Covid-19 is ever present even as the economic shock of multiple lockdowns continues to make an impact on people’s economic and mental well-being. There are also renewed fears of a ‘third wave’. The danger has thus, not yet abated.

Many of us overseas left behind our families, friends and other social networks in India but continue to have strong affinity with our country of origin. Some of us have elderly parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles and aunts living in India, while others may have elderly people within the extended family and friends’ circle. Beyond our immediate social networks, there are a vast number of elderly people in India that need our help – whether you are Indian American or a well-wisher of India.

We hope you will become part of the movement to support our elders residing in India. Your generous contribution can make a world of difference to the lives of our elders – amongst the most vulnerable and marginalized sections of the population.

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