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Our Sunset People

A film about HelpAge India’s work & services to improve the lives of the disadvantaged elderly in India.

Restoration of Vision

HelpAge conducts more than 50,000 cataract eye surgeries in 19 states. Credible and competent eye hospitals and organizations carry out surgeries with HelpAge India’s support.

Relief on the Move

HelpAge’s Mobile Healthcare program seeks to provide sustainable healthcare solutions to destitute elders and their community where these are none available through its Mobile Healthcare Units (MHUs).

Share a HUG!

Old age is a sensitive phase where elderly people need care and comfort to lead a happy and healthy life.


In our parents’ twilight years, all they long for are simple pleasures and lovely fleeting moments spent with family. We should pause, empathize and understand their little desires when they are turning grey.

Dadu ki Kahaani!

As people age, loneliness and depression makes them lose interest in their lives. They feel like giving up. It is up to us to make them realize that their stories are not yet over.