Mobile Healthcare Unit

Mobile Healthcare Unit

Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.

Anne Wilson Schaef

Elder healthcare is a huge need in India, most poor & destitute elders often face accessibility and affordability challenges. With the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic this has become an even more distant dream, as many have lost their livelihoods and barely have food to eat, for them medicines are a luxury they can ill afford.

Most elders suffer from chronic health conditions such diabetes, hypertension,cardiovascular diseases, respiratory ailments and other underlying diseases that require constant medication & health check-ups on a regular basis.

HelpAge India’s flagship Mobile Healthcare Unit (MHU) program seeks to provide sustainable healthcare solutions to elders & their community in the most remote areas of India, serving ensuring elders living in rural & tribal villages, as well as urban slums in India

The program addresses non-affordability, inaccessibility, & non-availability of essential primary healthcare services. This program is an effective way of reaching the unreached. Most elders have either no access to a primary healthcare centre, or are too fragile to walk to the closest centre or hospital or simply cannot afford the care.

Each MHU is equipped with a doctor, pharmacist and a social worker and provides free medication to the poor elderly. The MHUs often conduct special health camps for elders & their community and make referrals in case of complicated cases to local hospitals.

In the current times with the pandemic normal outpatient departments (OPDs) are restricted and even if they are open, it is difficult to reach with limited public transport services available more so, for the elderly. There is also the fear amongst them to go to hospitals. The scenario is worse in rural areas where the services are far & few.

The Mobile Healthcare Unit program is an innovative and effective way of reaching the unreached elders & their community, who require medicines and consultation from a qualified doctor.



200 USD  – One elder’s medical treatment for a year 

(4 USD for each medical visit. 50 such visits are done in a year)