What People Says About Us

Whereas the project team thought it their good fortune to have a dedicated volunteer like me, I was thanking the almighty for initiating a project like this in our locality which was such a heaven sent gift for me as it not only told me techniques of caregiving but also made my work easier and effortless! Learningfrom the experts from AIIMS and HelpAge India made it doubly fulfilling!

Mrs. Lata Kaushal, Volunteer

71 year old Kalawati Devi from Arkhun village got herself checked and now receives medication for her blood pressure & diabetes regularly from the MHU. “I feel so much better now, I do not have to depend on anyone and can even work in the farm.”

Kalawati Devi, Volunteer

Padma Rawat a 64 years widow from Pauri, Garhwal district, Uttarakhand suffered from blurred vision and eye pain. She was unable to see faces and objects clearly. Padma finally got her eye tested, started receiving medicines and got corrective spectacles from the medical team. “I had forgotten how the world looks, but now I can see clearly.”

Padma Rawat, Volunteer

62 year old, Bahatar Lal, a native of Agustyamuni block, Rudraprayag district, Uttarakhand, suffered a paralytic attack in 2013, resulting in complete loss of voice and his right side becoming paralyzed. HelpAge’s Physiotherapy Centre started his treatment and he slowly started showing signs of improvement which encouraged him further and since then he has not missed a day and comes regularly to the Centre. “I will be speak soon and become completely

Bahatar Lal, Volunteer